v1.6.1 - New Maintenance Mode and bug fixes

Posted: 03/27/2017 21:23:10, in category Hoosk Updates

  • Removed extra slash from language in settings page
  • Added fix for htaccess file
  • Added a new Maintenance Mode feature
  • Added favicon upload to the settings page
  • Updated logo alt tag to be the site name
  • Added field for additional JavaScript, such as Google analytics or other tracking code to be added to each page

The database has been updated to view the SQL you need to update yours please click here

Maintenance Mode

You can now turn the site offline to visitors by enabling the maintenance mode in the settings page, you can set the heading, meta and content for the maintenance mode page.

When enabled any users visiting the site will be presented with the message you have added, you can still view the website by logging in to the admin dashboard first.

The main dashboard will display a message letting you know when maintenance mode is on just incase you forget that it is still on.

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