v1.5.5 update released

Posted: 03/06/2017 22:30:58, in category Hoosk Updates

Breakdown of the new update:

  • Added ability to mark posts as published
  • Fixed error page bugs (pageTemplate/postID)
  • Added visible published flags to Posts and Pages sections
  • Updated Install script to mysqli
  • Install script will now delete /install/hoosk.sql and /install/index.php upon completion to prevent DB being overwritten
  • Updated Database Structure - all tables now include unique columns, new published field in posts table
  • Updated Install SQL file to include new structure/fields and added drop table lines to prevent errors during install
  • Fixed links throughout admin area to allow installing in a subdirectory
  • Default login details changed to demo/demo

To upgrade your version to the latest you will require to update your database, to do so please run the line of SQL included on the github release page.

Release Notes on Github
Hoosk Update