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Want to know more?

Hoosk has been designed to make things easier for the end user; that is the person making the content updates.

The content editor works using a blocks system, with different block types for different types of content - images, videos, lists, buttons, etc and of course, headings and paragraphs.

Want to rearrange your page after you've created the blocks? Simple! Just drag and drop them where you need them to go!

Why not just use a basic content editor?

Using the 'Sir Trevor' content editor allows Hoosk to fully control how the html code is generated. This helps make sure that everything you enter will be kept in the set format of your theme, and will be mobile friendly!

For Developers

The default theme included is plain bootstrap and easy to style/customise in any way you require.

Need some help?

If you have a problem, or need some help using Hoosk you can submit an issue on Github.

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